Psychiatric trainees

A Psychiatric Trainees Section was established as part of the Psychiatric Association of Macedonia.
The founding meeting was held on 11.11.2015, where the Board members were elected and the Rules of the Section were adopted.

The main objectives of the Section are continuous professional and scientific improvement with constant exchange of information,
participation in the organization of education and opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with young colleagues in the
field of psychiatry in our country and abroad, research participation in the field of education and mental health,
and engaging in the activities of international psychiatric organizations.


Regular activities

Regularly updating the Section members for all domestic and international congresses, schools, workshops,
seminars for continuing medical education, scholarships and other opportunities for advancement in the profession.


International cooperation

The Section is in constant contact with EFPT (European Federation of Psychiatric Trainees) and working on
becoming a full EFPT member, to be able to participate in all their activities (exchanges in several European countries).


Board of the Section

President: Dr. Miloš Milutinović

Vice president: Dr. Vlastela Partaloska

CAP Representative: Dr. Suada Elezi

Secretary: Dr. Emilija Kostadinova

Treasurer: Dr. Ana Slišković


For any questions, suggestions, reviews…

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