Forensic Psychiatry 2016



Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Macedonian Psychiatric Association and WPA Section for Forensic Psychiatry we are delighted to invite you to attend the WPA Co-Sponsored  International Conference:

“Forensic Psychiatry and Prison Psychiatry between Medicine and Law”

The Conference will take place in Hotel Gorica, Ohrid, Macedonia,  October 13 – 15, 2016.

The Conference provides an opportunity to share, learn and discuss recent theoretical and applied developments in the field of forensic psychiatry

and  would be a unique opportunity for professional and interpersonal networking.

Thus, we warmly invite you to join the WPA Co-Sponsored  International Conference  “Forensic Psychiatry and Prison Psychiatry between Medicine and Law”

and enjoy keynote speakers, intensive professional discussions, and welcoming atmosphere.

We are looking forward to welcoming you!


Organizing Committee                                                    Scientific & Program Committee

Prof.dr. Antoni Novotni, Co-Chair,                                                       Prof.dr. Norbert Konrad, Chair ,

Prof.dr. Dimitar Bonevski, Co-Chair


Invited speakers:

PersonHellen PersonNorbert

PersonHans PersonThomas

PersonNikoleta PersonJulio

PersonBirgit PersonKris

PersonVesna PersonPetar

PersonJukic PersonToni

PersonDime PersonMeri

personandrej Personkiteva



Organizing Committee:

Prof. Antoni Novotni (co-chair)

Prof. Dimitar Bonevski (co-chair)

Prof. Marija Raleva

As. Prof. Liljana Ignjatova Kiteva

As. Prof. Nensi Manusheva

As. Prof. Slavica Arsova

As. Prof. Silvana Markovska

As. Prof. Viktor Isijanovski

Dr. sci. Andromahi Naumovska

Dr. Aleksandar Risteski

Dr. Milos Milutinovik

Andrej Bonevski

Darko Dimovski


International Scientific & Program Committee:

Prof.dr. Norbert Konrad, Chair , (Germany)

Prof. Antoni Novotni (co-chair)

Prof.dr.Nicoleta Tataru (co-chair) (Romania)

Prof. Dimitar Bonevski (co-chair)

Prof.dr.Birgit Vollm (co-chair) (UK)

Prof. Marija Raleva (co-chair)

Prof. Helen Herrman (Australia)

Prof. Hans Schanda (Austria)

Prof. Pierre Thomas (France)

Prof. Julio E.Arboleda-Florez (Canada)

Prof. Kris Goethals (Belgium)

Prof. Vlado Jukic (Croatia)

As.Prof. Vesna Sendula Jengic (Croatia)

Ass.Prof. Petar Marinov (Bulgaria)

Andrej Kastelic MD, PhD (Slovenia)



Models of Forensic Psychiatric Care in different countries

Legislation and Policies in different countries

Psychiatric Morbidity (Diagnosis) and Criminal Responsibility

Criminal Responsibility and Incompetence to stand trial

Criminal Responsibility of Sexual Offenders

Prison Psychiatry

Mandatory Recovery? Involuntary Medications in Prisons

Treatment of drug users in prison

Treatment of Mentally ill Offenders

Group Intervention for Violent Offenders

Anger, psychotic delusions and violence

Personality Disorders in FP

Risk Management of the Antisocial Personalities

Characteristics and needs of long-stay patients in forensic-psychiatric care

Forensic Psychotherapy

Women’s Violence: From Victim to Perpetrator

Spousal Violence

Adolescent Forensic Psychiatry

Childhood Trauma and Violent Behavior

Alcohol treatment in Prisons


The Scientific Program will include:

Introductions in expert witnessing

Practice of prison psychiatry

Case presentations  




Abstract submission will be possible only through this web site link: abstractsub

Abstracts should be written according to the instructions below and will be reviewed for acceptance based upon their scientific merit. Abstracts are to be submitted in English.

Deadline for submission September 01st , 2016

There are abstract submission categories:

1) Short Talk Presentations

2) Poster Presentations

3) Conference Workshops

You should specify your preferred category of presentation.

The submitting author will be informed in due time whether their abstract has been accepted and which category it was assigned to.

We ask you to understand that as the number of slots for short talk presentations is limited, some presenters may be asked to adapt short talk presentations to posters.



The time slots for short talk presentations will be 12-15 minutes depending on the final number of accepted submissions. Time will be allotted for questions.

For both short talks and posters the names and affiliations of ALL authors should be included in the abstract, i.e. department, institution, city, country.

Abstracts should be no longer than 300 words, not including the title, author names and affiliations.

Submitters will be informed if their abstracts have been accepted, and in which category, by the programme committee.

The following information needs to be included in the submission

  1. Title of the abstract,
  2. 3-5 key words
  3. Type of the presentation (options: empirical, theoretical review, methodological or meta-analysis, description of an intervention; (Clinical) Case-study; Other)
  4. Format of presentation (options: Short Talk, Poster).



Proposals to organize a conference workshop should include:

  1. Workshop Title.
  2. Full contact details of the proposed course tutor/s – Title, name, full academic affiliation, address, phone and email.
  3. Brief description of the workshop and the topics to be addressed (250 words).
  4. Course Description
  5. Course Objectives
  6. Course orientation (e.g., theoretical; applied; skill acquisition; personal training;  personal development/self- understanding; etc.)
  7. Maximum number of participants

Submitters will be informed if their workshop proposal has been accepted by the programme committee.


The Conference is going to take place at Hotel Gorica, Ohrid, Macedonia.

The registration and accommodation will go through the travel agency Vis Poj, Ohrid.

The early registration fee until the first of September 2016 is 200 euros.

After 01.09.2016 the regular registration fee is 250 euros.

The fee for residents in psychiatry is 100 euros.

The registration includes:

Conference materials

Access to all sessions

Closing diner party

Certificate of attendance

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